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It's certainly no secret that the 981 GT4 & Spyder are regarded as one of the greatest sounding modern Porsche's from the factory in recent times. However, there's still more to be had!

Adding to the soulful scream of the 981 GT4 & Spyder, reducing weight and uncorking the 3.8 Flat Six with our selection of products is certainly is a great place to start in improving this brilliant car.

Direct Replacement / Modular Fitment

The JCR Titanium Tips are a full direct replacement product for the OEM 981 GT4 and Spyder tip assembly. No fabrication required and no additional parts. Simply remove the factory tips and replace with the JCR parts.

The design of the parts allows quick and easy changing of the tip section, perfect for those using their cars on track when utilising our Titanium Silenced Tip section.

Light Weight

Due to the 100% Titanium construction the JCR Titanium Tips remove an impressive amount of weight from the factory exhaust set up. This truly is a win-win modification.

JCR Signature Sound

Thanks to the unique design of the JCR Titanium Tips, we're able to extract a new level of tone and quality of sound from the factory exhaust system.

Mixing the gasses into a single flow path means that you will hear the full howl of the 3.8 flat six, compared to the factory exhaust system where you hear a muffled sound due to the restriction and gasses colliding with one another head to head.

Key Features

  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • Megaphone Tip Design
  • Direct Replacement for OEM Exhaust Tips
  • Modular Design with Integrated V-Band Clamp
  • -1.42kg (3.13lbs) Weight Reduction vs OEM
  • Improved Sound Quality


  • 981 Cayman GT4
  • 981 Boxster Spyder


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Lead Times

  • All JCR products are produced in batches. We aim to carry stock of all products however in the event that parts are not displayed as IN STOCK then please allow approximately 30-60 days from the point of order before your parts ship.
  • For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page.
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